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The Hoot - Episode 17 - Humio Engineering: Christian Hvitved and Anders Jensen

February 25th, 2020

John joins Christian Hvitved, Chief Engineer and founder of Humio, and Anders Jensen, VP of Engineering to discuss recent Humio product features, including bucket storage and the new joins function.

Christian and Anders introduce themselves, and share a bit about their background. They then describe in more detail a few of the features that were recently announced.

Humio now supports bucket storage designed for streaming data from major cloud providers. Christian and Anders explain the process behind prioritizing the feature, and how they worked with customers to make it seamless.

“Lately we’ve been running into customers that are logging two-digit terabytes per day, and who also may have a requirement to save their logs for a year. With traditional SSDs or spinning disks, that would be really hard and very expensive. But with bucket storage, it’s suddenly affordable.”

Anders Jensen,
Humio VP Engineering

“Users in the system won’t see this. The data will just be stored. And if they search back in time that’s only available in bucket storage, they will just type in their search, and it will just work.”

Christian Hvitved,
Humio Chief Engineering Officer and founder

Learn more about bucket storage in the recent blog post: Humio delivers seamless access to live and archived data with bucket storage.

We discuss the new join filter, and how it can be used to enrich data from different data sets. We talk a bit about how customers are using the feature, and how it might be enhanced in the future.

Find out more about joins in the last week’s blog post: Humio now features joins, query quotas, a new chart engine, and UI updates.

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