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July 16: Financial Services Roundtable

The Hoot - Episode 21 - Adrian Colyer, Accel Venture Partner and Morten Gram, Humio EVP

April 2nd, 2020

Adrian Colyer, Accel Venture Partner, Humio board observer, and author of The Morning Paper joins Morten Gram, Humio EVP and John to talk tech.

Adrian and Morten begin the conversation by discussing the role Accel has played in fueling Humio’s growth, and Adrian has contributed as a board observer and technical advisor.

Adrian talks about his popular online publication, The Morning Paper, where he publishes a summary of up to five different computer science academic papers a week. He discusses a few recent entries, including Narrowing the gap between serverless and its state with storage functions.

Adrian shares his thoughts on how technology is helping companies deliver faster and compete more effectively by using technology. He talks about analyzing value streams, reducing time to value, and doing things in parallel. He describes how this is being accomplished through things like cloud-native architecture, GitOps state deployment models, software-defined-everything, and machine learning transitioning into the inside of enterprise applications.

Adrian and Morten discuss how Humio helps to understand complex systems with a huge number of moving parts and a dramatically increasing volume of logs, with speed and velocity that is stressing traditional logging systems. They wrap up the conversation with Adrian offering advice to companies like Humio.

Listen to the podcast and come away inspired, informed, and feeling a little smarter.

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