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The Hoot - Episode 23 - Alan Shimel, MediaOps CEO and founder

April 29th, 2020

Alan Shimel, Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of and John talk tech and how to stay informed about what’s new in DevOps.

Alan introduces the MediaOps network he presides over as CEO and Editor-in-Chief. He shares the background of and how he brought together a network of over 400 security-focused technical bloggers for Security Boulevard. His company also provides coverage of tech through its Digital Anarchist video platform, and provides year-round coverage of DevOps through DevOps TV on YouTube and DevOpsChat podcasts.

His team has filled the void created by a lack of conference events with TechStrong TV, a DevOps-focused daily show that is produced five times a week with 2-4 hours of content. Tune in!

In addition to media coverage, Alan co-founded the Accelerated Strategies Group, a collection of tech experts with hands-on experience that provides reports for free, disrupting the decades-old paradigm found in the analyst business.

Alan shares the story of how his career followed the rise of the internet. He went from being a lawyer using WordPerfect to building and hosting websites to co-founding the MediaOps network. He shares his ideas on leading a team, his perspectives on staying ahead of the trends, and he provides a candid assessment of how the current environment will likely impact DevOps in the next year.

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